About The Aphasia Alliance

The 13th June 2004 was the first anniversary of the death of The Tavistock Trust for Aphasia’s founder, Robin Tavistock, Duke of Bedford. The family and Trustees wanted to mark that day by doing something positive.

The Tavistock Trust for Aphasia invited a range of key organisations from across the UK who work in the field of Aphasia to a Symposium, to explore ways in which we could all work more collaboratively together. On that day the Aphasia Alliance came into being.

The Aphasia Alliance is not an organisation, but an informal union between different organisations that share a common purpose – to improve the lives of, and support, people with aphasia and their families.

The purpose of the Aphasia Alliance is:

  • to maintain communication, good relationships and collaboration between organisations focused on Aphasia
  • to keep each other informed
  • to support and encourage one another
  • to try to ensure that work is not replicated
  • to exchange ideas
  • to make the most of resources available
  • to highlight shared priorities and when appropriate to speak with one voice

The Aphasia Alliance meets twice a year.

  • The first meeting in early Spring focuses on bringing each up to date and seeing how and where we can support each other.
  • The second meeting is in the Autumn and focuses on a subject that is of mutual interest to all members, and at this meeting specialist guests are sometimes invited.